Sabac marathon has a long tradition of almost 5 decades and during all of these years it has been under going some changes and modifications in accordance with changing policies of Sabac organization. During its eight years in FINA Open Water Grand Prix World Cup, from 2004-2012 ,it had followed the FINA rules and regulations.Since has been following rules and regulations of Serbia Swimming Association.

Sabac marathon is an annual event held in the first week of August.

Marathon always starts on Saturdays when the following takes place:

--Contestants arrive to Sabac in the morning and are being booked in hotels ,,Dvor,, or ,,Sloboda,,.

--At 12am is Press Conference

--At 2pm is special lunch in the restaurant name ,,Hunter,, in village of Jarak where will be start

--after that return to Sabac for brief rest

--Then, visiting the places where the race will finish, and socializing with local citizens

--In the hotels where they will be staying, there will be technical meetings with officials,delegates,judges,boat drivers,and organizers

--Every swimmer will undergo medical checkup

--After diner,all swimmers will be introduced to the citizens of Sabac on the City Square

--After breakfast on Sunday morning, competitors are driven to the Jarak village where race will start

--Announcement of winners and giving prizes will take place on Sunday at 3pm on the Town Beach, followed by special diner

--The swimmers are departing on Monday

During the days of Marathon,some other sports and cultural manifestations are taking place, such as:

--Fish Soup Team Competition

--500m and 1000m kayak races

--Archery Cup

--Beach Volleyball Team Competition on the Town Beach

--Parade of old volfswagen cars

--The game in American Football

--Serbian Championship in Beach Wrestling

--Sand figure competition for the children of pre-school age