During the long Tradition of Marathon of almost 50 years, many citizens of Sabac unselfishly helped the Organization of the event.

Many citizens in History of Sabac marathon was included in Organization for the race also to the other manifestations in days of Marathon.

They gave their contribution to the Marathon becoming true sport competition as well as to the foreign swimmers to feel famous Serbian hospitality and to get to know real soul and spirit of Serbian people.

That is why Sabac marathon became that popular and recognizable in the World, always receiving the highest grades for its organization and competitive spirit.

It is hard to tell who helped the most, but we will mention some members of Organization Committee who are in change of various segments of the organization of Marathon:


--Mayor of the City of Sabac, Chairman

--Mayor of the City of Sremska Mitrovica

--Vojislav Mijić, Sport Director

--Dragojlo Lazić, Tourist Office of Sabac

--Miroslav Panović, Head Referee

--Zoran Vuković, Referee

--Milisav Stanojčić, Woman Referee

--Borko Antonić, Man Referee

--Mikica Veljović, Chief of boat drivers

--Slavica Radanović, Town beach officer

--Representative of Serbian Police

--Representative of Serbian Army

--Nebojša Radović, Radio Club for comunication

--Miki Urošević, Diver,Safety Officer

--Drago Mričić,Representative of the village of Jarak

--Željka Stanković, First woman champion of the Marathon

--Ivica Radanović, Marketing Officer

--Representative of Sport Association of the City of Sabac