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23 Mar
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23 Mar 2018

Winners 2012.

FINA Sabac swim marathon Grand Prix 2012 was finished successfully and we are satisfied.

 Water was at 28,5 degrees and it was chemically and physically correct which was proven by report from Institute for public health from Sabac. Air temperature was 37 degrees and it was sunny. Our estimation is that between 6 and 7 thousand citizens of Sabac was present at the city beach to watch the marathon.

 In men’s competition during the marathon several swimmers took over the lead (Ivan Afanevich, Chris Bryan, Martin Miguel and Mohammed Saleh) but eventually Ivan Afanevich from Russia took the lead and won the race. He was closely followed by Syrian swimmer Mohammad Saleh and last year’s winner Guillermo Bertola from Argentina and Chris Bryan from Ireland. Due to his error Mr. Saleh was disqualified, so order of the first three was Ivan Afanevich, Guillermo Bertola and  Chris Bryan.

 Besides Mr. Saleh, two more swimmers were disqualified – Gergely Kutasi from Hungary, and Edoardo Stochino from Italy because of the same reason. All of them made same mistake and missed clearly marked finish cone, made out of bright orange buoys. Cone was 200 meters long, and “door” or entering of the cone (from the right buoy to the left buoy was 100 meters wide) so it was clearly marked. Everything was explained on technical meeting by Director of the marathon Mr. Mijic and FINA delegate Mr. Narce that they have to swim into the cone made out of buoys, and the rules of the race were clear to everyone. Three of them went to the right off the right buoy and were disqualified by Fina delegate and Main referee, who were following FINA rules. This is always sad but as the delegate said rules are and must be the same for everyone.

 In the women’s competition situation was much clearer from the beginning. Leading group consisted of Silvie Rybarova from Czech Republic who was leading most of the race, two Russian swimmers Alexandra Sokolova and Olga Kozydub, and German swimmer Ines Hahn. In the finish Olga Kozydub took over the lead and won the race, but was closely followed by Rybarova and Sokolova.

 Complete lists you can find in the attachment, and I would kindly ask you to put them on the FINA web site.

 Also, you can find photos from the winning podium.

Kind regards as always.

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