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Created: 29 Mar 2018

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Sabac marathon has a long tradition and it had been held even during the years of Western sanctions and NATO bombardment of Serbia.
It became an International event in 1983. In old Yugoslavia together with only two maratons in that time Faros(Croatia)and Ohrid(Macedonia).Today, there are over 100 these events in the countries of old Yugoslavia.
This arduous but attractive Olimpic sport deserves rennesaince and brighter future. It reached its peak when it was in the FINA Open Water Grand Prix Cup for eight years. There were competitors from 18,17,15 countries with the first category swimmers and the event always received high grades from FINA delegates and officials.
Marathon was not held in FINA Cup from 2013. due to financial difficulties, but it was temporary stoppage. As the long- time director I like to use the quotation and say that the Sabac marathon is the huge brilliant that will shine forever.
In addition, I expect in the near future that as an excellent organization it will be accepted in Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, what will be the great satisfaction,recognation and honor for City of Sabac and whole Serbia.
Welcome to Sabac, Welcome to Serbia!!
Please come and see for yourself!!
Your sports colleague,your friend,

Best Regards

Vojislav Mijić
Director of Sabac marathon

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