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23 Mar
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23 Mar 2018

Winners 2014.

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Two-time Olympian Brian Ryckeman of Belgium and Lenka Sterbova of the Czech Republic won their respective divisions at the 45th Jarak-Šabac Marathon Swim (Plivački maraton Jarak-Šabac), a 19 km event along the Sava River in Serbia.

Race director Vojislav Mijić reports, "From the beginning, there were up to 9 swimmers in a very tight pack until the end. Brian won and broke a 25-year record with a fast time of 2 hours 19 minutes. Along the river, there were an estimated 7,000 spectators watching the race from the start in the village of Jarak to the finish in the city of Šabac.

We had a wide range of competitors this year from 51-year-old Jacques Tuset to 14-year-old Svetlozar Nikolov. Lenka Sterbova was the winner among women who won comfortably in 2 minutes 27 minutes

The results:

1. Brian Ryckeman (BEL) 2:19:19:01
2. Daniel Czekelyi (HUN) 2:19:50:60
3. Baloun Karel (CZE) 2:19:50:87
4. Lorenzo Regard (ITA) 2:21:07:33
5. Marin Milan (CRO) 2:21:11:81
6. Tamas Novoszath (HUN) 2:22:20:59
7. Tobias Jakub (CZE) 2:22:42:98
8. Nikola Ratkov (SRB) 2:27:36:65
9. Lenka Sterbova (CZE) 2:27:52:91
10. Daniel Ponce Jimenez (ESP) 2:27:53:72
11. Jose Luis Larrosa (ESP) 2:32:08:17
12. Jakov Jovanov (MKD) 2:32:42:46
13. Petko Toromanov (BUL) 2:35:22:50
14. Desislava Stojanova (BUL) 2:35:45:87
15. Petra Štastna (CZE) 2:36:51:49
16. Petra Juhasz (HUN) 2:38:11:62
17. Jacques Tuset (FRA) 2:49:33:37
18. Svetlozar Nikolov (BUL) DNF

Photo shows Brian Ryckeman with Vojislav Mijić who will be inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame next month in Scotland at the 2014 Global Open Water Swimming Conference.

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